HR consulting for businesses in Geelong

SJ Personnel’s HR consulting and advice help companies assess and improve their processes and practices.

This involves a comprehensive review of HR policies, procedures, and practices to identify areas of compliance risk, as well as opportunities for improvement.

Employment laws change continually, making it a challenge to work out whether your business is compliant. Many business owners have told us they have sleepless nights, lying awake worrying about whether they’re meeting their legal obligations. We’re here to help. We are located in Geelong, providing services in other regions including the Surf Coast and Bellarine Peninsula.

SJ Personnel offer HR consulting services specialising in providing guidance and support to organisations in managing their human resources. This includes a wide range of services, such as organisational design and development, employee training and development, compensation and benefits analysis, talent acquisition and retention, and performance management.

Our HR consultants typically work with companies on a project or ongoing basis to provide strategic and operational HR support. Most of our HR clients are signed up to an ongoing retainer.

Some of the benefits of working with SJ Personnel HR consultants include:

Expertise: Our HR consultants are experts in their field and can provide valuable insights and recommendations based on our knowledge and experience.

Flexibility: Our HR consultants can work on a project or ongoing basis, providing flexibility to organisations that may not have the resources to hire a full-time HR staff member.

Cost-effective: Our HR consultants can be a cost-effective option for organisations, particularly for smaller businesses that may not have the budget for a full-time HR team.

Improved efficiency: Our HR consultants can help organisations streamline their HR processes and procedures, improving efficiency and reducing costs.

Customised solutions: Our HR consultants can work with organisations to develop customised solutions that meet their specific needs, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

Contact our friendly team today for more information. We also provide HR compliance services in Geelong and surrounds.

HR packages available at SJ Personnel

Ad hoc HR servicesAd hoc HR services

HR assistance on a per-project or as-needed basis with an hourly rate or fixed fee

HR compliance policy packageHR compliance policy package

HR services to help you stay legally compliant with company processes, policies, and procedures

Small company monthly retainer packageSmall company monthly retainer package

Providing small companies with access to expert HR guidance and support on a monthly basis

Medium company monthly retainer packageMedium company monthly retainer package

Comprehensive and dedicated HR services for companies with a bigger team and more complex needs

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SJ Personnel offer recruitment and HR services to businesses and candidates throughout Geelong, Surf Coast, The Bellarine and western Victoria region

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