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SJ Personnel offers professional human resources services including HR compliance, HR advice and HR audits to businesses throughout Geelong, Surf Coast, Bellarine and Western Victoria.

SJ Personnel human resource (HR) consulting services are a professional service that specialise in providing support and guidance to organisations in managing their human resources. Our HR consulting services range from strategic consulting, such as developing an organisation’s HR strategy and policies, to operational consulting, such as assisting with recruitment, employee training and development, compensation and benefits, and performance management.

SJ Personnel HR consulting services include:

HR strategy and planning: Our HR consultants help organisations develop an overall HR strategy and plan, including policies and procedures to manage employee performance, compensation, benefits, and training and development.

Recruitment and talent management: Our HR consultants assist with sourcing, recruiting, and hiring employees, as well as developing talent management programs, such as onboarding, career development, and succession planning.

Performance management: Our HR consultants help organisations develop and implement performance management programs, such as performance appraisals, goal-setting, and feedback mechanisms.

Compensation and benefits: Our HR consultants provide guidance on compensation and benefits policies, such as salary structures, bonus programs, and benefits packages.

Compliance and legal issues: Our HR consultants help organisations navigate complex HR compliance issues, such as employment laws and regulations, workplace safety, and employee privacy.

Working with SJ Personnel HR consulting services provide several benefits to organisations, including access to expertise and specialised knowledge, increased efficiency and effectiveness, and reduced risk of legal and regulatory compliance issues. Additionally, our HR consulting services provide a flexible and cost-effective option for organisations that do not have the resources to hire full-time HR staff.

Employment classification

How do you decide whether to employ someone full-time, part-time or on a casual basis? Would a contractor be a better option? What are the pros and cons? Each classification comes with certain obligations which need to be fully understood before making an informed decision.

Award benchmarking

Working out which Awards apply to your employees is not always straightforward. Are you paying your staff correctly and what are their entitlements? How do you know if your business is compliant?

Employment contracts

Since the introduction of the Fair Work Act (2009) and Modern Awards, many business owners have realised they have outdated employment contracts which may be placing them at significant risk.

HR policies

Does your company policies reflect social media use? Do you understand your responsibilities in the prevention of bullying? It’s essential for everyone in your business to be on the same page and to have clear boundaries.

SJ Personnel will give you confidence in employing and retaining or dismissing staff and having a safe workplace. Contact us today to talk about your needs or discuss our full range of HR services.

HR packages available at SJ Personnel

Ad hoc HR servicesAd hoc HR services

HR assistance on a per-project or as-needed basis with an hourly rate or fixed fee

HR compliance policy packageHR compliance policy package

HR services to help you stay legally compliant with company processes, policies, and procedures

Small company monthly retainer packageSmall company monthly retainer package

Providing small companies with access to expert HR guidance and support on a monthly basis

Medium company monthly retainer packageMedium company monthly retainer package

Comprehensive and dedicated HR services for companies with a bigger team and more complex needs

HR services

HR consulting

This involves a comprehensive review of HR policies, procedures, and practices to identify areas of compliance risk, as well as opportunities for improvement. Employment laws change continually, making it a... Read more

HR compliance

Our HR compliance covers a wide range of areas, including employment law, workplace safety, employee benefits, and record-keeping. HR compliance is important for several reasons, including: Legal compliance: Failure to... Read more
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SJ Personnel offer recruitment and HR services to businesses and candidates throughout Geelong, Surf Coast, The Bellarine and western Victoria region

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