We get asked often, what is Casual Conversion? How does it work?

We get asked often, what is Casual Conversion? How does it work?

The National Employment Standards (NES) in Australia offer a pathway for casual employees to become permanent employees. This process is known as “casual conversion.”

Here are the key points:

😉 Casual employees who have worked for their employer for 12 months with a regular pattern of hours must be offered the option to convert to full-time or part-time (permanent) employment.

😉 Eligibility requirements need to be met for this conversion to occur.

Casual employees may also request that their employer converts their employment to permanent status in some circumstances.

😉 Small business employers are not obligated to offer casual conversion, but eligible casual employees working for small businesses can still request it after their 12-month anniversary.

😉 Employers (except small business employers) must make a written offer to convert their eligible casual employees to permanent employment within 21 days after the employee’s 12-month anniversary.

😉 If an employer refuses the request, they must provide reasonable grounds for doing so.

Example: Imagine Dan, a casual employee, consistently works every Friday and Saturday night at a restaurant. Despite taking some time off due to illness and university exams, Dan’s regular pattern of hours still qualifies for casual conversion1.

Agreement Between Employer and Employee:

Beyond the formal process, a casual employee can voluntarily change to full-time or part-time employment if both the employer and employee agree to it.

The NES provides casual employees with the right to access this pathway to become permanent full-time or part-time employees under specific circumstances2.

Remember that these rules aim to provide stability and security for casual employees while balancing the needs of employers. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask! 😊 sarah@sjpersonnel.com.au

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