Sj Personnel attended the launch for the State of Wellness Summit. We are proud to be sponsoring such an amazing event supported by amazing people.

The Summit empowers women to create sustainable positive change in their lives, bringing together the best of our region’s wellness experts to inspire, encourage and guide women to live a healthy, happy and successful life. Women of all ages hear from a curated range of keynote speakers, and engaged in activities, a wellness expo and enjoyed nutritious food throughout the one-day event.

Creating sustainable positive changes in the lives of women.

Created for women of all walks of life, a place to gather, learn and grow towards health and harmony within your body, mind, spirit, community and environment.

Hear from respected, innovative and inspiring expert speakers from all aspects of conscious living and holistic health and wellbeing.

@stateofwellnessgeelong @josurkitt @sj_personnel_recruitment


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