Every employer wants to see their staff arrive at work, fresh and ready to churn out a productive day, where important advancements are made and goals are achieved. It’s understandable. Yet there are variables in play that can influence your attitude and see you arrive at work moody and reluctant to hit the ground running. So how can you combat the morning blues and have a great working day?

Preparation is key to success, we all know this. So get into the habit of preparing for your morning the day before. This is as simple as taking ten minutes at the conclusion of every working day and mapping out all that is to be achieved the following day. Starting with the most important task first. Not the easy tasks. Our brains are more creative in the first half of the day, so that is when we should tackle the critical jobs. These are also the jobs that bring the most reward. And when we overcome a challenge, we feel more uplifted and inspired to take on more challenges. Yet preparation also extends to home. At least fifteen minutes can be saved in the morning if we have our lunch, clothes, keys and wallet all ready before the morning alarm sounds. There’s nothing like a hurried morning to ensure you arrive at work a frazzled mess!

Getting up in the morning can be a challenge too, for many of us. But it is important to get your body moving. Don’t reach for the phone and check your emails, they can wait until you’re in the office or on the train. And that means Facebook too! How many of you check-in in the mornings before throwing off the covers? I know most of you are guilty. It’s such a time waster!!!! Rearrange your morning schedule to eliminate technology and incorporate exercise. A gym session for the early risers, a seven minute HIIT workout for the slightly slower, and a bike ride or walk to work for the pressed for time individuals. A little morning exercise will increase your energy levels and reduce your stress levels for the day. And don’t forget breakfast! A healthy start, either at home or the office, will help keep your concentration on track.

Arriving at work on time also influences your mindset for the day and promotes a feeling of accomplishment. But please, please, please, do not make checking your emails the number one priority each morning. Take a moment to pause, slow down and consider what you intend to achieve that day. Don’t forget to make time to grab a coffee and check-in with your colleagues. Arriving a little early allows you all to chat about your night and the upcoming weekend plans. Marching straight past your co-workers and launching yourself at your desk does not bode for a positive start to your day. Or a productive mood. Be present, mentally and physically, even if you’re not a morning person. There is nothing worse than a co-worker in a bad mood that filters through to the entire team at one minute past start o’clock. If you’re in customer service, put yourself in their shoes. What are your expectations if dining out or calling for information? Granted not every day will be a great day, but sometimes you will need to grin and bear it.

Once you have settled into your working day, take a moment to remind yourself why you are there. What is your core purpose? Connecting to a sense of purpose is a powerful motivator. And it will help you to focus on priorities and what you are ultimately trying to achieve. So don’t be distracted by your in-box. Remember, you want to tackle the most important tasks first. Filter your emails. Respond to those that are urgent and make time for less urgent communications later in the day. Do listen to your phone messages and again, prioritise.

If you feel like your day is a bit too routine, shake things up a little. Relocate to the boardroom for an hour to complete a few tasks. Take a stroll to a nearby coffee shop instead of the lunchroom. Take your morning meeting to the park down the street. Changing up the routine can inject a sense of revitalisation. If your routine is non-productive, examining your habits and introducing some permanent changes will hone your focus and build momentum. It is important though that you allow flexibility to manage the unexpected in your daily working habits.

Each new day is exactly that, a new day. So start with a clean slate, every morning. Don’t reengage with the previous days hardships. That includes ridding your routine of bad behaviours and incorporating those tips outlined above. Creating positive morning habits will overtime become habitual and help you to start each day with a positive outlook. It is concluded that you can shape the happiness and productivity of your day within the first ten minutes of waking. So eliminate the pitfalls and seek positive input for a productive and enjoyable working life.

“Happiness is an attitude. We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong. The amount of work is the same.”

Carlos Castaneda

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