Whenever we need a new recruit we automatically reach out to online job boards or the local newspapers. Maybe you need a more creative approach, even a quirky scheme to capture the interest of a larger pool of applicants. Something like this perhaps….

Open house selling…identify all your potential candidates and invite them to an open house event at your place of business. This type of recruitment strategy will suit those of you who could expect a large number of responses to your job advertisement. An invitation to up to 500 eligible candidates may be distributed, but only 200 make an appearance. Immediately your screening process is reduced. And now you can see how they interact with people, important if this is essential to succeeding in the role on offer. It’s a different approach but this self-selection process lets you know who is serious about the job and who is not.

Events…attend events for people qualified for your open position. Their presence at the industry event demonstrates their passion for their chosen field of expertise.  And with someone else having gathered the talent for you all you have to do is scope the room and find the unsuspecting candidate who is the right fit for your business. Many people don’t know they are interested in a new job opportunity until an employer offers them one.

Go shopping…quite literally, go shopping. Are you looking for the best of the best customer service personnel? What better way to find them than in their office while delivering beyond the extra mile service. Sure you could lure them to your interview room, but why take their word for how good they are when you can experience it firsthand. Again, the strategy of going direct to your potential candidates and seeing them perform  is far more valuable in determining if they are the right candidate for you.

Speed dating…setting up an speed dating style interview. With each applicant spending a short time with each interviewer, traits can be revealed that may otherwise have gone unnoticed in a traditional panel interview. This will help you to identify who has an affable personality, who can think quickly on their ‘feet’ in a changing environment, and who can remain calm and excel under pressure. If these skills are imperative to succeeding in the job role you have on offer, perhaps this is the interview style you need to employ. We all know how fun speed dating is, so why not invite people to speed dating interview party?

Email signature…you may communicate via email with a lot of clients and suppliers, so why not promote that you are seeking a gun journalist to join your ranks? Among your email recipients is probably someone who you would like to employ. At the very least your suppliers are servicing your competitors, and of course everyone talks…so chances are they know someone who is looking for a new employer. It’s cost effective and if you send a high volume of emails each day, you’re reaching a lot of potential candidates.

Thinking outside the box about how you can connect with your future employees may lead you to the ideal candidate that would otherwise not have found you. Likewise a recruitment method with a twist will see you stand out from the crowd and have everyone talking about you. It’s great PR and often it results in potential candidates seeking you out. So get brainstorming and start thinking about the creative ways that can put you on a collision course with the best candidates on the market.

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