Geelong Small Business Festival


Geelong Small Business Festival

At Lessons Learned, we have assembled a stellar lineup of accomplished and successful business owners who are eager to share their wisdom and experiences. Brace yourself for an evening that will leave you motivated, inspired, and armed with invaluable knowledge to take your own business to new heights.

Allow us to introduce our esteemed panellists:

1. Gillian Costa – General Manager, The Pier: Gillian’s leadership and strategic acumen have played a pivotal role in shaping The Pier’s success story. Her expertise in managing a thriving business in the competitive market will offer you invaluable insights into effective management practices.

2. Sarah Charleston – Founder, SJ Personnel: As the visionary behind SJ Personnel, Sarah has established herself as a leading expert in the field of human resources. She will share her expertise in talent acquisition, employee engagement, and building a strong company culture.

3. Joanna Stevens – Founder, Premier Strategy: Joanna is a seasoned business strategist with an exceptional track record of helping businesses achieve sustainable growth. Her session will focus on leveraging effective strategies and tactics to overcome challenges and drive success.

During the event, each speaker will provide a deep dive into their personal journeys, highlighting the lessons they’ve learned along the way. They will discuss crucial topics such as effective leadership, team building, navigating market trends, scaling businesses, and much more. Be prepared to gain practical insights and actionable advice that can be immediately applied to your own entrepreneurial endeavors.

Unlock the secrets of business success at the Geelong Small Business Festival’s flagship event: Lessons Learned. Join us on Thursday, 24th August at The Pier for an evening filled with inspiration, valuable insights, and empowerment.

🎯 Harness the Wisdom of Accomplished Business Owners

Learn directly from our esteemed panel of successful entrepreneurs, including Gillian Costa (GM, The Pier), Sarah Charleston (SJ Personnel) and Joanna Stevens (Premier Strategy). Discover their personal journeys, gain practical advice, and acquire the tools to overcome challenges in your own entrepreneurial endeavours.

💼 Empowering Businesswomen in Geelong

This event is specifically designed to empower and uplift businesswomen in the Geelong community. Network with fellow entrepreneurs, exchange ideas and forge meaningful connections that can contribute to your personal and professional growth.

💥 Special Offer: Limited Time Only

Secure your spot now at the special low price of $29 for the Geelong Small Business Festival. As an added bonus, new participants will receive a complimentary membership to Business in Heels, providing ongoing resources and support. Existing members will be rewarded with a generous $99 Naked Wine voucher as a token of our appreciation.

📅 Reserve Your Seat Today!

Seats are limited, so don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn from the best in the business. Your ticket includes one glass of wine and nibbles.

Join us at The Pier on Thursday, 24th August, and take your entrepreneurial journey to new heights. Let’s inspire, learn, and grow together!

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