Top 5 things employers should know about hiring in Australia

  1. National Employment Standards (NES): All employees in Australia are entitled to certain minimum employment conditions under the NES, including maximum weekly hours of work, annual leave, personal/carer’s leave, parental leave, and redundancy pay. Employers must ensure that they comply with the NES when hiring and managing employees.
  2. Fair Work Act: The Fair Work Act 2009 is the primary piece of legislation that governs employment in Australia. It outlines the rights and obligations of employers and employees, including minimum wage, employment contracts, termination, and dispute resolution. Employers must be familiar with the provisions of the Act to ensure compliance.
  3. Taxation and Superannuation: Employers in Australia are required to deduct tax from employee wages and remit it to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) on a regular basis. Employers are also required to contribute to their employees’ superannuation (retirement savings) funds. Employers must ensure they are meeting their taxation and superannuation obligations when hiring and paying employees.
  4. Employment Contracts: Employers in Australia are required to provide employees with a written employment contract that sets out the terms and conditions of their employment. Employers should ensure that their contracts are compliant with Australian employment laws and clearly outline the rights and obligations of both parties.
  5. Anti-Discrimination Laws: Australia has a range of anti-discrimination laws that protect employees from discrimination based on their gender, race, age, disability, and other factors. Employers must ensure that they do not discriminate against employees during the hiring process or in the workplace, and that they provide a safe and inclusive working environment for all employees.

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