SJ Personnel giving back to the Geelong community, Salvation Army

The team at Sj Personnel had a successful night visiting the homeless and giving them hot drinks. Thanks for having us Salvation Army.

Often when we talk to and have conversations with our family and friends, we can quickly find the support we need to overcome and find solutions to most of our day-to-day issues.

Many of our friends face each day without that constant support and guidance. So, we as volunteers on the outreach van aim to fill that supportive role. This involves actively listening to the struggles of our friends, validating their perspectives and actions and providing the emotional support needed to face another day.

Why people find themselves homeless is often very complex, and being able to connect with and help homeless people through their pain involves showing genuine empathy and possessing a non-judgmental attitude.

Every week we have people volunteer to be this sounding board for those in a very vulnerable place, who spend time having open, honest and sincere conversations with people. Through our own vulnerability, we are able to build relationships with people who lack hope and love in their lives. You may not see the immediate effect of a conversation, but we know the power of connection and your presence and encouragement can have a profound influence on someone’s life.

We are so thankful for our family of volunteers; we couldn’t do it without you.


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