Millions are unemployed. Why can’t companies find workers? 

Millions ARE Unemployed. Why Can’t Companies Find Workers? 

Finding new hires is a skillset.

The pandemic has changed peoples motivations, employees may need to be MORE patient, as vaccines are still being rolled out, so we have to become more flexible in order to find workers.

Key Drivers for staff shortages since Covid:

  1. Potential workers are fearing getting or spreading Covid-19, so they are holding out on searching for a new job
  2. Lack of Childcare options, businesses have opened ahead of Schools opening and Daycare centres closing for deep cleaning purposes
  3. Enhanced unemployment benefits, earning more then they would in a job
  4. The unemployed who are out of work don’t have the skills needed for jobs that are available or they are not willing to switch to a new career
  5. People have found new ways to make money since being in lockdown for so long, they no longer want to do the 9-5pm hours

It’s going to be a long recovery. We believe the shortage will ease over time as more potential workers are vaccinated, schools fully reopen and federal benefits expire. This could take months to heal, as Covid-19 has had a HUGE impact being felt by all. Empathy is what is needed now.

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