Short term contract work has a lot of ups!!!

We all know that contract work doesn’t offer a lot of security. It’s why so many of us shy away from taking up such roles. But if you can get past that one negative and look at all the positives that short term contract work offers, maybe you will change your view about full time work!

It may be that you’re disenchanted with your current full time position. Yet while you can’t afford to quit, you cannot see yourself making that same journey to an uninspiring job a day longer. Without another permanent role to transition to, a short term contract will help you to fill the gap. And short term roles are available in almost every industry now. They are ideal to showcase that you have maintained continuous employment and carried on with your career path. A big plus when interviewing for your next full time job, not to mention that it helps to keep the bank balance healthy and your self-confidence high.

Many recruiting agencies now specialise in short term recruiting and focus on a specific industry such as accounting, nursing, or administration. With so many employers embracing the advantages of short term roles, you don’t need to endure the long, hard slog of finding a permanent role. You can avoid the employment pause and maintain your self-worth by taking on short assignments in your field of expertise.

Short term working gigs are perfect for the university student looking to gain experience between semesters. Particularly if you are not sure about which direction you want your career to go. It’s kind of a try before you buy approach. Meanwhile you are importantly developing your skills and growing your network of contacts as you test difference industries. The hands-on experience that you simply cannot get in the classroom will prove invaluable as your studies continue, and of course, as graduation approaches. Getting a foot in the door before heading out to compete against thousands of other bright eyed hopefuls is the edge that will get you your job sooner rather than later.

A lot of people really enjoy the opportunity to change their job environment regularly. The variation keeps daily work life interesting. And while you may be viewed as an outsider by your co-workers, you may find it easier to avoid getting involved in workplace politics. Now there’s an incentive! You also have greater flexibility about when you do and don’t work, or to put it in another context, when you do and do not holiday! Ultimately though what the short term role really does clarify is that for the employer it is the results that you produce that are the most important.

Many employers value someone with maturity and experience. They are not looking to spend hours training someone for a short term position, but rather need someone who can hit the ground running with a minimum of fuss. So for you older workers out there seeking a job, perhaps your age, and maybe the fact that you are a little overqualified, may just work in your favour in the world of short term assignments. It is not uncommon too for a temporary assignment to become permanent either. So while you may be working in an area outside of your comfort zone or still figuring out the direction you should take your career in, your temporary role may just turn into your long term occupation.

While you may not enjoy your current job, or are simply looking to build your resume and earn a few dollars, a temporary contract can be the ideal employment solution for you. I mean, you want to refrain from endangering your couch from becoming a victim of a well-worn patch. For those who relish the flexibility, they can earn a very decent living bouncing from one assignment to the next. So if you’re heading for an unemployment rut, or are well and truly in one, consider taking on a series of different contracts within a variety of industries. After all, it is better to demonstrate continuous work than no work at all.

SJ Personnel offer both long term and temporary employment roles to job seekers. Connect with us today and let your tomorrow be a new start.

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