Thank you to the Geelong Chamber of Commerce for having Sj Personnel Geelong Recruitment, HR & People Solutions agency at the Business Round Table discussing everything HR.

Here are some of the topics discussed:

What are the tell-tale signs you need to employ?


  • Employees are not working regular hours
  • Employees are asking for help / look like they need help
  • You have a skills gap
  • Leave cannot be covered
  • Trouble meeting deadlines
  • Customer service standards are taking a hit
  • Poor employee moral


  • Company growth is a strategic goal
  • Expanding product or offering is a goal
  • Location based expansion
  • You want to take a more strategic role and less operational


  • You have an aging workforce and replacing / training talent is required
  • Succession planning for key roles
  • Assessing that skills an aging workforce possess are crucial to operations
  • Asking yourself how I replace this value – the answer is planning for it

Competitive advantage

  • Higher value employees are doing administration-based tasks – these need to be freed up to maintain competitive advantage
  • New skills will provide you an advantage over competitors
  • Ability to enter a new market at a competitive prove may require different skills to be brought in

If you would like some more information about employing staff in Geelong, please let us know. [email protected] or call our office on 0352 808050.

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