SJ Personnel Mission

We want to be the best part of someone’s working life. We are on a mission to help people to build incredible businesses and careers. We help business recruit the right staff to grow their business and we help passionate people find incredible jobs.


Positive Mindset
We believe recruitment should be an empowering, positive and personalised experience.

People Come First
Our process driven, efficient and professional management ensures businesses can focus on the people and not the paperwork.

We know the best results are achieved when we work with our clients as a team.

We break down barriers
We are all about making recruitment and HR accessible, efficient and fun.

We’ve got your back
We’re here to support our clients every step of the way in their career or business journey. We help people thrive in their working life.

Its so important that you live and breath your company values and mission statement daily. What’s one of your values?

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