New Key Drivers for Candidates since Covid.

We get asked 101 times a day, where have all the strong candidates gone? Its a pandemic, I thought we would be inundated with applications?

As the Covid pandemic continues to impact businesses, strong demand for candidates is stretching the available candidate supply.

National jobs are 55% higher than the same month in August 2020 however this is subdued as application numbers are down 33% in comparison to the same month two years ago.

SEEK had 35 million visits their website last month (August), which tell us that Australians are still viewing job ads, however the view to application rate as the above highlights is at seeks lowest point.

Essentially we are finding the impact on few key levels:
1. Job Security over Salary
2. Impact of borders being shut
3. Disaster payments

The above highlights that candidates are becoming more selective about the roles they will apply for.

The drivers that attract them to a position has drastically changed from pre-covid times.

What you can do to improve results when searching for candidates?

To help ensure your attract the right candidate for your role, we recommend:
• Include a granular suburb location (e.g. Fitzroy, Newtown, Subiaco etc.) to ensure candidates searching within specific suburbs will see your ad. Including a granular location drives 20-30% more views
• Maximise available SEEK features by creating a punchy search description and visible salary range (75% of surveyed candidates said they’re less likely to apply for a job with a hidden salary)
– Be specific on the Job Title and add more benefits & perks, I.E is there car parking? Is there any team incentives? Bonus’s etc.

Furthermore, in the body of adverts, we would also move benefits & perks at the top, relist salary, have a specific location if possible.

You can also see the graph supplied by Seek below, representing that job security is the most important thing to candidates at the moment.

If you have any questions, feel free to email [email protected] or call our office on 5280 8050

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