When hiring new staff it’s easy to bypass the seemingly more challenging recruit of a graduate. This is particularly so if you are focused on hiring a candidate with experience. With all hires presenting an element of risk, and experience sometimes hard to find, why not take a closer look at our young bloods? They offer an abundance of advantages that may have you thinking twice about your recruitment strategy.

The job market is competitive at the best of times. And with so many entry level positions requiring proven experience, graduates are fervently fighting for a spot on the bottom rung. So give them their first employment opportunity and you will find your new graduate employee eager to please. You will also discover they are attuned to questioning the way that everything works. With eyes wide and a fresh perspective, coupled with the wisdom you impart upon them, they will soon be presenting innovative concepts for the future benefit of your business. And we all know a competitive edge in any market is something worth pursuing.

Driven to learning and growing graduates are willing to be moulded. Their ability to absorb and understand information and instruction will see them learning at an accelerated rate. And committed to the cause they will embrace your company’s culture and develop a loyalty to the brand and the vision. I’m sure employee retention is a high priority for you. Able to be guided toward specific roles, they can forge a path forward and prove themselves to be a wise long term investment for your company. Hence succession planning will be a great selling point when luring a graduate to your team.

There is of course the obvious benefit of your investment coming at an affordable price. Knowing that they have little experience, a graduate is willing to trade a high wage for knowledge and on-the-job training. Now don’t embarrass yourself by offering a below basement price for their services, they are not expecting to be offered millions, but they are expecting a competitive offer equivalent to their graduate position. Of course, regular performance reviews will reveal rapid advancement in their worth, so ensure you compensate their development and contributions. Investments are best maximised over time.

While a clean slate, thirsty to learn and grow, you may find yourself learning a new trick or two from your tech savvy grad. Our graduates were practically born with a gadget in their hand so they have spent their whole life learning how to advance their cause through the use of technology. Comfortable experimenting with new software, they can quickly ascertain how to get the most out of your desktop and mobile applications, or even guide you in the development of an app to better showcase your products and services and enhance your customers experience. Now there’s and enticing thought. And if your market is today’s youth, it will pay (literally) to tap into the mind of your graduate hire to better understand how their generation seeks information and communicates.

Now I don’t need to explain to you how difficult it can be at times to find experienced candidates, after years of hiring you are well versed in this recruitment dilemma. But imagine cultivating your own talent…well, that’s an intelligent recruitment strategy. And if you’re savvy enough, you can create a well-balanced workforce that you can build the future of your business upon. Are you ready to consider business planning around our technically apt, adaptable and eager to succeed graduates? It’s all about risk and reward, so take the leap today.

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