Assembling a resume, or even bringing an old one up-to-date, is laborious, time consuming work.  If you could avoid the task, you most certainly would. If you’re nodding in agreement, then what I’m about to tell you will be music to your ears… you can find a job without ever summarising your credentials on a sheet of paper post marked ‘my next employer’.  Got your attention? Let’s find out how.

For various reasons some of you out there have never had a resume. This may seem baffling to most of us as we wonder how you ever managed to land a job. Clearly though you have been very clever in thinking outside the resume box to seize the interest of a prospective employer. One effective means to put your hand up for a job is to simply contact a potential employer directly. Whether you reach out through LinkedIn or email, you can easily provide a brief narrative of your skills, qualifications and working history while communicating your strong interest in undertaking a role in their company. Perhaps you saw a position advertised, prompting your correspondence. A bold and direct approach can help you stand out from a sea of candidates and move straight into your position of choice. Give it a go, the results may surprise you.

Simply keeping your online profile up-to-date and professional may also capture the attention of a recruiter. In making them come to you, you are able to take all the effort out of looking for a job. Recruiters are constantly surveying the social media landscape in search of new talent, so keep your profile current and wait for the phone to ring. Simple! You can bolster your online presence by commenting on trending practices and schools of thought relevant to your industry. Likewise you can contribute your own blog or insightful solutions to hot topics of discussion. Presenting yourself as a thought leader in your field could elevate your status and bring you to the attention of your next boss. Cool, huh?

Of course there is the old adage that it is not what you know, but who you know that could see your name put forth for a candidacy at a new company. Friends, family, fellow members of associations to which you belong, all can be an avenue to the next big step in your career. Equally it may be a case of being in the right place at the right time; a business seminar or workshop for example. Do not underestimate the value of networking, whether formally or informally, you next big break may be standing right in front of you. Literally!

For most of us seeing is believing. So why not show the world what you’re capable of.  If you’re a graphic artist, splash your talents all over social media or create a website to display your portfolio of work. If you’re a carpenter or a florist, post a few pics of your handiwork. Perhaps you’re an accountant and have some ingenious tips to share at tax time. Bottom line; if you have a talent, don’t hold back. Put it on display and demonstrate the full breadth of your wares for others to appreciate, and hopefully employ.

There is of course a number of job roles advertised where job seekers are required to complete an online application. While you can upload a current resume, if you do not have this at the ready, you can simply supplement this by responding to the online job application questions. Too easy.

So many of us rely on our resume to get a foot in the door with a prospective employer. It’s an all eggs in one basket approach. In a competitive job market you need to stand out from the sea of candidates. Whether you have the confidence to make a direct approach, are socially savvy or well connected, there is more than one way to skin a cat. Or in this instance, find a job. As Seth Godin says, ‘you are your resume’, so why rely solely on a piece of paper to market your goods?

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