Recruiting new team members should be exciting and rewarding for your organisation. By using a proven recruitment methodology, SJ Personnel delivers Geelong, Surf Coast and the Western Victoria businesses with premium candidates for their positions. We offer HR and People Solutions.

Our Recruitment Methodology Produces Outstanding Results. We have continually evolved and refined our process in order to provide our candidates and clients with the best outcome.

Sound and appropriate recruitment preparation is a key to a successful appointment. SJ Personnel takes the time to understand the behavioural attributes and skills needed by your ideal candidate to ensure they are suited to your organisation and have the competencies to complete the role and grow in your organisation.


Recruitment Step 1:

Understanding the role and context

  • Understand the organisation, its culture and the HR policies.
  • Understand the role, the terms of the role and how it fits into the organisation, including future potential growth paths.
  • Understanding the key requirements, behaviours, experience, qualifications of the ideal candidate.

Recruitment Step 2:

Identify candidates

  • Complete a search strategy for prospective candidates.
  • Candidate selection for the organisation’s consideration.
  • Assist the organisation in making their candidate selection

Recruitment Step 3:

Make the appointment

  • Formalised Reference Checking specific to the organisation and role.
  • Make an offer to the candidate.
  • Assist with employee induction.

Recruitment Step 4:

Post-employment reviews

  • Review with the organisation and employee after induction.
  • Review after 8 weeks.
  • Replacement guarantee.


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SJ Personnel offer recruitment, HR & People Solution services to businesses and candidates throughout Geelong, Surf Coast, Bellarine and Westerns Victoria region

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