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SJ Personnel, Geelong recruitmenttemporary labour hire and human resources agency is the product of a vision shared by entrepreneurs and co-founders, Sarah Jane Thomas and Adam Charleston. SJ Personnel service the Geelong, Bellarine and Surf Coast region.

At SJ personnel, we help small and medium businesses manage their HR compliance and more, enabling you to get on with what you do best. We offer a range of packages to help meet your company needs.

SJ Personnel is an ethical, transparent and proven recruitment company, with talented Human Resources (HR) professionals at the helm.

For a modest investment that is practical, realistic and affordable, we can assist both businesses and individuals across all facets of Talent Acquisition. With a Head Office based in Geelong but service the Surf Coast, Melbourne and Bellarine, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive service delivery and assure an extremely impressive return on investment.

SJ Personnel provides customised recruitment services to companies seeking to build productive, positive teams with the assistance of quality outsourced recruitment services. We also provide candidate services that assist job seekers to advance their careers and fulfil their aspirations.

The SJ Personnel recruiting team delivers quality candidates to Geelong, Ballarat and Melbourne businesses by customising proven recruitment methodologies.

Geelong recruitment, temporary labour hire and human resources agency is SJ Personnel’s speciality.

Our genuine passion and enthusiasm for what we do, complemented by our extensive database of candidates, far reaching network, and agility enables us to respond swiftly to clients’ needs, ensuring that our clients continue to use SJ Personnel time and time again as their trusted recruitment partner.

Specialists in outsourced recruiting services, SJ Personnel provide a cost effective recruiting alternative to businesses without their own HR team. Or, we can assist your existing recruitment team by shortlisting and screening candidates prior to consideration.

To contact SJ Personnel please refer to the contact us page.

SJ Personnel Geelong recruitment agency…connecting you with your future.

About Sarah Thomas – Managing Director SJ Personnel

A HR and Resourcing specialist with over 24 years’ recruitment experience across local and international recruitment firms. As a Senior Recruitment Consultant for prominent recruitment companies (Michael Page and Hays Recruitment) and HR Manager for the renowned Adventure Park in Geelong, Sarah was responsible for recruiting positions predominantly within the fields of banking, finance and hospitality. Assignments were undertaken for large organisations within the public and private sectors. Holding leadership roles in all positions, Sarah was additionally responsible for training and mentoring team members, providing high level administrative and operational support to senior management on administrative matters including staff management, facilities management and information services. After ten years working in key positions within leading organisations, Sarah founded SJ Personnel, an ethical, transparent and proven recruitment company. Established in the highly competitive Geelong market, SJ Personnel quickly developed a trusted reputation that has seen the company grow to encompass the Ballarat and metropolitan markets. Providing customised recruitment services to build productive, positive teams. Sarah’s experience additionally encompasses the provision of candidate services to advance their careers and fulfil their career aspirations.

 Sarah works across any permanent or temporary roles from entry level to intermediate, senior and executive (including fixed term contracts). Sj Personnel specialises in providing recruitment support exclusively to businesses located across Greater Geelong, the Surf Coast and regional Victoria, and our methodology and process for recruitment is almost exactly the same, regardless of the type of role.

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SJ Personnel, Geelong recruitment, temporary labour hire and human resources agency work with businesses and candidates based in the Geelong, Bellarine, Surf Coast and Ballarat region.

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