Only a handful of years ago I took the plunge and started my own business, SJ Personnel, a Geelong based job recruitment specialist firm. For those of you who have taken the leap to become your own boss you will understand the roller coaster of emotions that come with putting both your money and your reputation on the line. Nerves, excitement, anxiety, trepidation…the reality of starting your own enterprise can paralyse you with fear one moment and drive you to deliver your dreams beyond your expectations the next. It is my personal experience as a leading businesswoman that has led me to sponsor Destination Entrepreneur.

Destination Entrepreneur is a Skilling the Bay initiative supported by the Victorian State Government. Developed to promote entrepreneurship and innovation, it is envisioned that Destination Entrepreneur will drive economic growth across the Geelong region as people learn new skills to diversify, restructure or develop their businesses and venture in new directions, achieving greater results.

And what makes this initiative so great is that it is perfect for leaders of all businesses and industries. Whether you are just dipping you toe in the ocean or are an established business, Destination Entrepreneur will equip you with the tools and techniques to successfully and confidently explore and capitalise on your ideas.

A 10 part Innovation training program Destination Entrepreneur commences in June 2016 and concludes in May 2017. Below is a snapshot of topics the program includes:

  • What is Innovation and why your business needs it.
  • Trend analysis and forecasting.
  • Mega trends and spotting opportunities.
  • Design Thinking and customer-centric innovation: Understanding your customer better than they understand themselves
  • How to generate ideas that will deliver a profit
  • How to turn ideas into a reality: The innovation process.
  • Innovating on a budget.
  • Low cost testing and prototyping.
  • Understanding the crowd: Funding, sourcing, IP, collaboration.
  • Open innovation and collaboration.
  • How to present and pitch your ideas.

You will be exposed to inspiring keynotes, interviews and case-studies, engage in creative and practical activities, and work both collaboratively and independently to learn the most optimum ways in which to generate, develop and launch ideas.

Workshops are two hours in duration, commencing at 7.30am sharp and breakfast is provided. As the program is subsidised by Skilling the Bay the cost is merely $599 +GST. It is rare to find such an affordable and valuable workshop business programme that includes 10 workshops, an innovation audit of your business, course materials, an online training portal, breakfast and an opportunity to be mentored by high calibre business professionals. The program is also designed and delivered by G2 Innovation, a local company that I hold in high regard.

I would have loved to have had the opportunity to participate in a programme of this nature when I ventured out on my own. Fortunately I still have the opportunity to positively impact upon the future of young businesses by sponsoring this wonderful initiative and will enjoy meeting each of you who do decided to invest in both yourselves and your business.

Following the workshop program all participants will have the opportunity to present their ideas, their needs and requirements to a panel of well-respected business leaders. A selection of participants will then be provided with several hours of mentoring by a specialist in their particular field of interest or need – an invaluable opportunity that even I would like to take advantage of.

For the aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators among us, follow this link to register and partake in Destination Entrepreneur and to a future that can see your ideas turned into reality for the whole world to enjoy,

See you there!

SJ Personnel…connecting you with your future

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